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We produce and sell dryers, industrial ovens, furnaces for ceramics and bricks, heat treatment furnaces, glass furnaces, ovens and step rollers and equipment for ceramics.

The company

Tecnoforni srl was founded by twenty years experience of Baù Flavio in maintenance and repair of equipment and furnaces, produces and sells industrial furnaces and professional suited to meet vorious customer needs.
The experience in the ceramic industry has allowed Tecnoforni to broaden the fields of production of its products, growing and working with its customers and developing constructive solutions and evolving tecnology

Strenghts are the construction of plants and features tailored to customer's request, the continuos field service and speed of intervention Tecnoforni provides its customerswith particular difficulties (es. expensive downtime)

Tecnofrni also care the maintenence of their facilities and thyose of other companies, changes to standard the old plants, manufactures microprocessors controllers and centralized controls, purchased and sale used equipment after proper installation and compliance.


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36055 NOVE (VI) - Via Righetto, 51 - Tel. e Fax 0424 829419 E-mail: info@tecnoforni.it